Apni kaemon achen?

“How are you?”

Ami bhalo achi!

“I’m good!”

I have been here almost one week. Several days full of orientations, jet lag, hartals and hand sanitizer.

Thus far- we:

  • Had sandwiches and story time with the Vice Chancellor of the University. A Harvard graduate many times over.
  • Almost all managed to find our way to the US Embassy by rickshaw. The few stragglers got there eventually.
  • Had our first Bangla class. Everyone successfully pretended to hear the difference between “k”, “kh”, “g”, and “gh”.
  • Bonded with Goolap, our wonderful cook.
  • Discovered Mehdi Mart, the place where they have everything.
  • Are utterly exhausted.

Learning a new language is a frustrating task, but also extremely rewarding. After today, I can write six vowels like a toddler and feel like a champion.

 Below are some pictures from our brief explorations in Bashundhara. Enjoy


We had the honor of meeting Ambassador Mozena at the US Embassy. Bangladesh’s favorite farm-loving diplomat.


Scenes from the neighborhood.


We consider the dark opaque water here our own Wonka chocolate river. Only less delicious.


Staring off the balcony of the Independent University of Bangladesh.

The view.



Baby goats rule the streets.


….The rickshaws actually rule the streets, but are less adorable than the goats.


Intrigued by the cafeteria Chicken Toast option.


Campus for the next two months.

More Bangla in the morning. Looking forward to it.


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