Welcome to Bangladesh

A blog! How fun. And strange. Don’t expect this to be too sophisticated, I’ve been here all of two days. The goal is to share the things I see in Bangladesh with friends and family. This is targeted at those of you who are mildly concerned that I will be eaten by a tiger, and wish to see me happily situated and surviving in Dhaka. 

Eventually my research will be incorporated into my posts, but I’ll leave talk of mobile phones and maternal health for January, when our grant period officially begins. For the next two months, content will be pictures of daily life with other Fulbrighters at the language institute. We have plenty to see and learn.

I will certainly miss people, but this should be an exciting chapter in my life. Confusing, embarrassing, awkward, cultural mishaps are guaranteed. Yet I expect just as many truly beautiful experiences over the next eleven months. 

Here goes nothing.

Lots of love,


(For starters, if you had to Google Bangladesh’s location you would not be the first. Helpful hint below.)


155 million people living in a country the size of Wisconsin. That’s squished. 

And now for pictures from arrival week:

The adventure begins at Dulles

The two full days of travel began at Dulles in DC. Took the obligatory goodbye at the airport photo.

Seems like a good bunch Seems like a fun bunch. We all enjoyed quarantine (read: naps and netflix) during the political strike today.

being cheesy on our rooftop

I also take it as a good sign that we can already take cheesy photos together on the roof.

Mosquito net makes me feel like a princess

My mosquito net makes me feel like royalty.

Would be neighborsOur would-be neighbors.

View from our apartment, cricket game in the distance

View from our apartment, cricket game in the distance.

With my first post out of the way, I’m ready to start shamelessly taking pictures of the cows blocking the road. There are many. 

Thank you to everyone who helped to get me here.


The adventure begins

7 thoughts on “The adventure begins

  1. I ha d a different understanding of those perils, at least from my school days!… Still learning!….
    Looks terrific. Bonne continuation!!!!!!

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